The double smoked pork belly bacon

Are you ready to try the new bacon? The double smoked pork belly bacon is our new favourite!

Introducing from the Colonial Bacon range, The double smoked pork belly. If you are looking for a smoky bacon, look no further. The double smoked pork belly by Colonial Bacon was originally developed for our customer, Burger Burger. They requested a thicker cut of bacon that would add extra bite and flavour to their burger and that’s what it did.

What’s so special about The double smoked pork belly?
We can’t help but love the smoking process of the the double smoked pork belly. This cut of bacon is cured in brine for a few of days, then smoked and smoked again in individual slabs to give you that nice smoky taste. It is the brining and smoking process that gives the bacon an interesting taste.

What are the bacon options?

The double smoked pork belly bacon is available as a whole pork belly weighing approximately 2kg. This is perfect for chef’s wanting to cut bacon to their desired thickness or to use in their stock to add that extra flavour to their broth.

Newly available is the double smoked pork belly bacon Pre-cut to 5mm slices in 1kg pack.

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