The finishing touches.


To turn a great meal into a real occasion, you need to pay attention to the details. The details are the things which, if missed, make all the difference. Whether you need the baking basics, like flour and sugar, or you are searching for exotic Asian flavours and freshly made condiments, look no further. We stock and supply a complete range of these essential products, as well as a wide range of dried and freeze-dried options for your next culinary masterpiece.
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Sourcing Specialty Ingredients

We love our dry goods

We want our customers to indulge in the most authentic, delicious-tasting freeze dry fruit, vegetables, relishes, sauces and condiments. We love sourcing specialty goods and make it a priority to source what you need.

We provide an easy-to-use online ordering system, which is backed by our customer support center, available day and night on 0800 PRODUCE.

If you are new to us and curious about what we have to offer, we would love to chat with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form – it is fast and simple, taking less than 5 minutes to complete. Once submitted one of our friendly team will make contact. It’s that easy!