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The next best thing to fresh is freshly-frozen. We supply a complete range of premium frozen fruit and vegetables in this flexible and convenient option. 

Our delicious frozen fruits have been picked and frozen at peak ripeness to ensure they hold that unbeatable freshness, so you can create your next great dish any time of year.

We also stock a range of high-quality frozen seafood products and an assortment of excellent potato products including wedges, steak cut, crisscross, skin-on and curly fries. Check out our extensive range of frozen options to complete that next extraordinary dish, no matter the season.


Sourcing Frozen Goods

The next best thing to fresh is freshly-frozen

The great thing about freshly-frozen foods is that you can have them all year round, no matter the season. We want our customers to experience creative culinary freedom with our frozen goods. We always love sourcing specialty frozen products and make it a priority to source what you need, where we can. However, if the produce you want isn’t available, we would love to chat to discuss sourcing options.

If you are an existing customer with food enquiries feel free to contact your Key Account Manager. 

Alternatively, our friendly customer support team is available day and night on 0800 PRODUCE to discuss your produce needs.

If you are new to us and curious about what we have to offer, we would love to chat with you. Simply fill out our enquiry form – it is fast and simple, taking less than 5 minutes to complete. Once submitted one of our friendly team will make contact. It’s that easy!