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Just Arrived

Kalettes – Now in stock, kalettes get their great taste by combining the best flavours from Brussel sprouts and kale, resulting in a fresh fusion of sweet and nutty. They have a milder flavour than brussel sprouts and are more tender than kale. Season should run for 10-12 weeks.

Red Chard – Large leaf like silverbeet but deep red.

Cherries (USA) – Available for approx. 10 weeks.


Coming Soon

Earth Gems – 1-2 weeks.

Navel Oranges (NZ– Due towards the end of the week.

Hot Buys

Jumbo Orange Kumara – $5/kg

Merediths Chevre Goat Log 1kg – $32.00/kg

Frozen chopped spinach 1kg – $2.50/unit

Maasdam Cheese 1kg & 125g pieces – $28.00/kg

Prawn cutlets 16/20 1kg – $24.70/unit

Prawn cutlets 31/40 1kg – $18.10/unit

McClures Spicy Whole Dill Pickles (5gal) – $48/bucket

Pheasant Whole Frozen 800gm – 1kg – $29.00 each

Hillside Whole Rabbit Legs – $28.00/kg

Tegel Free Range Turkey Roast Cranberry Stuffing 1.8kg – $33.00 each

Hillside Free Range Turkey Mince Frozen 400gms – $9.50 each

Hillside Turkey Drumsticks Frozen – $4.99/kg

Hillside Free Range Turkey Frozen Size 4 – $49.00 each

End of Season

Asparagus (USA) – Coming to the end of the season, 1-2 weeks to go.

Chestnuts – 1-2 weeks to go.

Raspberry – 1-2 weeks to go before its all over.

Heads Up!

Avocados – Now into new season, so the supply, while still comparatively limited, will only build from now onwards. Price has eased somewhat and will continue to do so as volumes improve over the next couple of months.

Curious Cropper Tomatoes – Have now finished for the season. We will endeavour to maintain a similar range of product through Winter, but there will definitely be some lines which we’ll have to wait for the Croppers to start again in November.

Telegraph Cucumbers – Supply beginning to improve so we should see some price relief this week.

Capsicums – Price has jumped up as the local season is close to finishing and we will be shifting to imports soon. Please note through this period of approx. 1-2 months, where we are reliant on imports, there is a strong possibility there may be periods of no supply, particularly on yellow and green.

Rocket & Wild Rocket – Supply will be tight this week.