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Product Arrivals

Just Arrived

Asparagus – Volumes are building so the price has eased significantly.

Tangelo – First of the season from Bells in Northland now in stock, season will run until March 2018.

Pomegranate – First of the USA imports now available. Currently air freighted so on the pricey side, sea freight due in around 5-6 weeks which will be cheaper.

Blood Oranges – First of the Aussie imports now available!

Courgette Flowers – Now available for your Spring menu, season runs until March (or even April in a good year).

Perlas – First of the new season spuds now available!

Seville Oranges – Tarter-than-tart oranges.

Kaitahi Smoothy Drops – An award winning smoothy blend that’s refreshingly different. It combines native superfoods like kawakawa, puha and kumara with functional fruits, seeds and vegetables for everyone to enjoy. Read more..

Coming Soon

Curious Croppers – 1-2 weeks away! We’ll be starting with some punnets of medley, red cherry and horrors.

Broad Beans – Early crop due in approx. 2-3 weeks.

Strawberries (NZ)– 2-3 weeks away.

Globe Artichokes – Usually mid October.

White Asparagus – Approx. 2 weeks away.

Palermo Capsicums – New season due in a week or so.

Hot Buys

Loft Kitchen Hollandaise Sauce – Just $9.90/kg

McClures Spicy Dill Spear Pickles (5gal) – $45/bucket

Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.

End of Season

Brussel Sprouts – Now being sourced from the South Island, as the season is finished in the North. Forecasted to remain available for another 1-2 weeks but the quality can decline quickly if some warmer weather arrives.

Kalettes – Last few days of the season.

Jerusalem Artichokes – Unfortunately an early finish is on the cards this year as it looks like we are in the last week or two of supply.

Yams & Earth Gems – Season coming to a finish, should be around until the end of the month.

White, Yellow & Purple Table Carrots – We are counting down the days until the season finishes. These varieties don’t like growing in Pukekohe so are only around over Winter.

Heads Up!

Aussie Pink Grapefruit – We are currently out of stock but new stock is due any day.

What’s New

Eco Friendly Packaging

We’ve received extensive feedback from our customers stating that you want less plastic used in the packaging of produce orders.
The Produce Company is proud to have recently purchased a new packaging machine which utilises an eco-friendly recyclable green netting. This kind of packaging uses 50% less plastic than regular bags and is 100% recyclable. Less plastic means less environmental impact.

Live Chat

You can now chat to us live when visiting our website and new online shop. Have a question? Simply click on the orange Chat With Us button located at the bottom right of your screen, one of our friendly operators will be able to help you.