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Updated: 14-01-2019

Product Arrivals

Just Arrived

Cherries – Beautiful deep red – black large Central Otago fruit in stock now! Time to get amongst it if you’ve been waiting for these to arrive.

Cara Cara Oranges – Pink flesh oranges now in stock.

White Peach – “Scarlett O’Hara” variety now in stock, season runs until the middle of March.

Baby Sweetcorn – Locally grown baby corns now available for the next couple of months. Ask your account manager for a sample, lovely product.

Passionfruit – Season now under way, plenty to be had all through summer and autumn.

Gold Peach – All hail the queen! Season typically runs through until late March.

Grapefruit (USA) – Sweet red flesh waiting for your orders.

Secret Garden – The garden is flourishing in summer. There’s heaps of baby Shiso, lemon verbena, purslane and edible flowers. These products must be pre-ordered. Enquire with your account manager or our customer service team.

Coming Soon

Kiwiberry – Due in 2-3 weeks.

Nashi – NZ new season due at the end of the month.

What’s New

Alcohol Purchases 

To comply with the change to our liquor licence, you’ll now be prompted to confirm you are over 18 when purchasing alcohol online. 

End of Season

Asparagus – Season is all but finished, small amounts arriving sporadically over the next week or 2 and then it’s all over. We are more likely to not have it than have it available, plus it’s expensive so it’s really time to say good bye.

Banana Shallots – Due to quality issues the season is all finished. Round shallots remain available.

Broad Beans – Finished for the season.

Heads Up!

Limes – Always a struggle in January and the potential for shortages is high, Australian imports typically arrive towards the end of the month which will rapidly improve supply and drop the price. We have more affordable frozen fruit available and pure lime juice.

Red Kumara – We are right at the end of the season and jumbo red has already finished. We have a Seconds line to keep us going for a bit longer. New season is approximately 2 weeks away. Other varieties are forecast to transition seamlessly from old to new season.

NZ Lemons – Supply is now very tight and may be unavailable without notice through until new season arriving in April. This affects Meyer, Yen Ben & TAG2 options. USA lemons will be supplied if there is no NZ product available.

Strawberries – Domestic season will still run for another couple of months but as usual the quality takes a hit through the hottest months. Do not buy more than you need daily and be prepared that there will be the odd sticky berry in each punnet.

Hot Buys

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