Updated: 20-05-2019

Product Arrivals

Jerusalem Artichokes – good supplies now available.

Yams – season is now under way. Just red at this point but yellow, apricot and earth gems will arrive in June. Season runs until October.

Yuzu – limited supply now available, season only runs for a few weeks.

Grapefruit – USA imports now back in stock, NZ season due to start in a week or two.

Coming Soon

Kalettes – due to arrive at the start of June

Earth Gems – 1/2 weeks

Out of Stock / End of Season

Figs – remote chance of some late ones arriving but pretty much all finished.

Feijoa – an early finish is forecast this year with only a further 1-2 weeks of supply anticipated.

Blood Oranges – USA imports now finished, Aussie new season typically arrives September.

Perlas – season due to finish this week.

Blueberries – approx. 1-2 weeks to go until the end of the season.

NZ Beans – 1-2 weeks to go and then we will switch to Aussie imports.

Chestnut – 1-2 weeks of the season to go.

Quince – season finishing in a week or two.

Tarragon French – last week of season and supply is limited.

Heads Up

Butchery – Our butchery business continues to grow, this means a review of how we supply you to improve production and reliability of supply. From the start of June, we will be implementing the following order process to support the change in demand:

  • All products will be available for next-day delivery on orders up to 10kg.
  • If you require more than 10kg of any product, please place your order 48 hours in advance.


Milk – Green Valley Dairies is the manufacturer we use for our milk. They have been one of our partners for a number of years. Green Valley is the largest privately-owned dairy manufacturer in NZ and the largest organic milk operation in Australasia.

You may notice the label on your milk bottle change from our MooMoo branded milk to the Green Valley label in the coming months. The milk inside the bottle has not changed. Rest assured this is the same quality fresh material we have now but the label will be the manufacturer’s brand.

Navel Oranges – supply could be a problem for the next month or so as biosecurity requirements have changed on USA imports, which is causing significant delays. New season NZ supply is still 3-4 weeks away. There are a few NZ Valencia’s around but they are right at the end of the season and the quality is only average.

Avocados – first of the new season off Motiti Island are in stock now but supply will remain limited for another fortnight or so. Once June rolls around and more orchards pass maturity tests then we’ll be back into full swing fairly quickly and the price should see a significant correction.

Capsicums – prices are high as we are at the end of the season, imports are due to arrive in around 2-3 weeks.

Passionfruit – supply is tightening up as we move into Winter and the price is lifting We usually muddle by for another 2-3 months but it tends to be on the expensive side.

Kransky Cheese Smoked Sausage – now only sold in 2.5kg units

Hot Buys

Karikaas Maasdam (1kg)$27.50 KG
Karikaas Maasdam (125gm)$27.50 KG
Fruit Paste Pomegranate 120gm$4.76 EA
Fruit Paste Pear 120gm$4.76 EA
Fruit Spread Fig & Mustard 230gm$3.85 EA
Fruit Paste Fig 120gm$4.76 EA
Fruit Paste Apricot 120gm$4.76 EA
Fruit Paste Cherry 120gm$4.76 EA
Fruit Paste Plum 120gm$4.76 EA
Prawn Cutlets Crumbed (Shore Mariner) 21/25 1kg$14.25 EA
Kaitahi Smoothie Drops – Kiwi C Boost 1.2kg 
Kaitahi Smoothie Drops – Super Green Zing 1.2kg 
Kaitahi Smoothie Drops – Triple Berry Protect 1.2kg 
LB Frozen Taro 1kg$8.25 EA
Sweet Buttercrust Pastry Roll Frozen 5KG$23.62 EA

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