Updated: 15-07-2019

Product Arrivals

Apricot Yams – just in! Available in 500g bags

Black Garlic Chinese imports now available in 150g packs, $4.99

Blueberries – limited supply available. Hothouse grown fruit, fairly pricey but they do eat very well.

Dazzle Apples – we have restocked but supply is limited this year so don’t miss your chance to try this great new apple, next year we will be under way with a much bigger program!

Red Witloof – now back in stock!

USA Stonefruit – yellow peach, nectarine & cherries.

Out of Stock / End of Season

Raspberry – still a few late ones trickling in but the end is nigh.

Chestnut – now finished for the season.

Asparagus (USA) – now finished for the season, NZ season starts late Aug/Early Sep.

Heads Up

Rocket leaf – due to weather flat rocket leaf is unavailable for 2 weeks and wild rocket leaf is very limited as quality is not up to the standard.

Spring Onion – on the expensive side now with recent frosts knocking back supply significantly.

Limes – prices are lifting. Recent freezing temperatures means most limes are now yellowish greenish at best. We will switch to imports once they become available but that’s usually not until mid to late August. !n the mean time we will have to muddle by with what’s available on the local front. We will continue to offer what are now “very yellow” limes as a cheaper option for as long as we can source them.

Coming Soon

Earth Gems – 1-2 weeks away

Afourer Mandarins – should be arriving towards the end of the week

Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges – due from Australia in a couple of weeks

Hot Buys

TE MANA Saratoga 4 Rib Shoulder Rack – $25.99/kg
TE MANA Lamb Loin Backstrap – $39.99/kg
Whole Angus Scotch – $25.99
Kalettes – if you haven’t tried them yet, now is your chance – just $7.99/kg

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