Product Arrivals

Small Avocados – We are stocking a line of small avos which offer better value at present, how long this opportunity will last is anyone’s guess but we have them right now. Fruit is hard so you will have to ripen them in your toasty kitchens. Our usual avos are 200-220g, these are 120-140g.

Posy Apples – Stunning looking pink-red apple which we would describe as an improved “Pacific Rose”, give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

Orange Squash – Similar to a buttercup squash but orange skinned, stunning looking product.

Limes – Now readily available in premium and juicing grades, price has eased significantly, further drops are anticipated so it’s time to showcase this versatile delicious fruit across your Autumn menu.

Figs – Now in good supply, season lasts approx. 6 weeks.

USA Asparagus – Now in stock, available until the end of June.

Feijoas – Price has eased and plentiful supply around, time to get them on the menu before they finish typically middle of June.

Spaghetti Squash – Now in stock, season runs for 3 months.

Brussel Sprouts – The humble brussel is now readily available for your winter menu update.

Gold Kiwifruit – The golden fruit is in stock now. 

Out of Stock / End of Season

Jersey Benne Potatoes – What we have in stock is the end of it.

Black Boy Peaches – Last few days of supply.

Tangelo – All over for the season.

Gold Raspberry – Season is finished now.

Short in Season

Strawberries – A few late Autumn crop have begun to appear which has improved the quality however the price is fairly steep.

Stonefruit – March is the season where it all begins to wind down, white and yellow peaches now finished, we’ll say good bye to apricots, plums and nectarines over the next few weeks. Gold peaches or their brother from another mother the peacherine usually stretch into the start of April.

Avocados – The apocalypse has arrived and the numbers we are receiving are getting lighter every day. With demand far outstripping supply there is no opportunity to pre-ripen fruit before sale. We are stocking a line of smaller (and cheaper) fruit to help meet demand and this may be the only option some days. So to paint the picture of the next 3 months it’s expensive, unripe, possibly small and some days nothing at all. It’s an ugly picture so we continue to recommend avoiding all the headaches and take them off your menu until new season commences end of June. As the shortage situation has now been highlighted for a number of weeks returns for unripe fruit won’t be entertained. 

Coming Soon

Chestnuts – 1-2 weeks away.

Persimmon 2-3 weeks away.

Hot Buys

USA Navel Oranges – Just $2.99 per kg this week.

Red Capsicum TAG1 – $5 per kg.

Red Capsicum TAG2 – $4 per kg. 

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