Updated: 18-11-2019

Product Arrivals

Nectarines – NZ season available from Monday

Sweetcorn –  NZ sweetcorn is here! Prices will come down in coming weeks

Blood Oranges – NZ season is tightening up.

Garden Peas – New season has begun!

NZ Cherries – Delicious Hawkes Bay cherries available!

NZ Boysenberries & blackberries – Now available

Jersey Benne Potatoes – Have arrived!

Perlas – New season crop has arrived.

Globe Artichokes – now in stock, season runs for approximately 2 months.

Cavolo Nero – Finally here! Supply is building.

Out of Stock / End of Season

Tamarillo – Finished for the season.

Coming Soon

Pomelo – approx 2 weeks away

Swede – new season crop available in approx 3 weeks

Green USA Pears – have landed and should be available this week

Hot Buys
Heads Up

Coriander – There is currently a shortage on Coriander but we will do our best to meet the demands. Best days to order are for Tues, Thurs and Sat until supply picks up again.

Pineapples – becoming short in supply.

Bananas – Ships are still delayed from the Americas so we are experiencing short supply. Bananas are also coming in much greener than normal so it could be wise to order in advance. We are doing everything we can to assist the ripening process in the meantime.

Green Pears – USA pears are due later in the week.

Red Onions – The pickling and table onions are getting tight in supply, USA stock hasn’t kicked in yet for the smaller onions.

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