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Product Arrivals

Just Arrived

Purple Asparagus  Should be available for the next month.

Long Red Beetroot – Aka cylinder beets now available for the next 8-10 weeks.

White Beetroot – Rumoured to be the sweetest of all beetroot are now waiting for your order.

Curious Croppers – Heirloom Tomatoes are now available!

Ugli Fruit


Fresh Peas

Yellow beans

Local Blood Oranges

Coming Soon

Sweetcorn – End of the month.

Jersey Benne Potatoes – Should arrive this week.

Peaches & Apricots – Due to start next week.

What’s New

Alcohol Purchases 

To comply with the change to our liquor licence, you’ll now be prompted to confirm you are over 18 when purchasing alcohol online. 

End of Season

Tamarillo – Last few cases in stock now then it’s all over for the season.

NZ Limes  It appears we are done for the season so we’ll be reliant on imports until March.

Purple Carrots  Last few cases in stock now then it’s all over for the season.

Heads Up!

Lemons –The domestic season is winding down and USA imports should begin to arrive towards the end of the month. Prices will move upwards throughout November.

Hot Buys

Pecorino 2.3/kg – $15/kg

Scallop USA Roe off 10/20 454g – $17/unit

Makikihi 10mm Skin On Fries (3x5kg) – $40.00/ctn

Makikihi Steak Cut Fries (3x5kg) – $37.00/ctn

Whole Tiger Prawns 800g – 16/20 $18.00/pk | 26/30 $15.00/pk

Hillside Farms Pork And Fennel Breakfast Sausage  $12.99/kg

Hillside Farms Large Prime Pork Sausage  – $11.49/kg

Fresh Hillside Farms Streaky Bacon  $11.49/kg

Hillside Farms Double Smoked Pork Belly Whole (approx. 1.5kg each)  $12.99/kg

LW  Hash Brown shredded IQF 3LB $4.95/pkt or 6 x 3LB – 8.2kg $29.70/ctn

Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.

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