Updated: 16-09-2019

Product Arrivals

Curious Croppers Heirloom Tomatoes – the Croppers season has now kicked off with their medley cherry tomatoes now in stock and horrors due later in the week. The rest of the range will arrive over the next month or two!

Blood Oranges – Aussie imports just arrived! Season usually runs for a couple of months.

Courgette Flowers – now available. Delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Get your order in early the day before!

Asparagus – the quality is improving and the price has eased with further drops anticipated this week! Time to get amongst it!

Tangelo – new season now under way, will be around until Feb/March

Perlas – new season spuds just arrived

Coming Soon

Globe Artichokes – 2-4 weeks away

Fresh Peas – 3-4 weeks away

Out of Stock / End of Season

Jerusalem Artichokes – now finished for the season

Brussel Sprouts – last week of supply, purple also finished.

Yellow and Purple Carrots – season is nearing the end, 1-2 weeks to go!

Persimmon – now finished for the season

Hot Buys

Curious Cropper start of Season Cherry 250g$4.99 now $3.00

Heads Up

Conventional (Barn Raised) Chicken – now available in 5kg and 12kg cases in our suppliers original packaging. We strongly encourage you to purchase in 5kg or 12kg cases as this will reduce the impact on the environment of additional packaging and ensures maximum shelf life. Once we open the suppliers packaging shelf life of the chicken is reduced by half.

Please be patient with us until we fully come to terms with the change in your buying behaviour over the coming weeks. If we sell out of cases and have 1kg in stock, your order will come in 1kg increments.

Cases will show as the default on the website, with 1kg on the drop-down menu. If chicken is sold in three sizes (12kg, 5kg, 1kg) the 5kg case will be a stand-alone product. Due to low demand, Chicken Drumsticks will be only sold in 5kg boxes once existing 1kg stocks are sold.

Courgettes – we are now dependent on NZ hothouse grown courgettes, which are very expensive. This will be the case until outdoor grown product begins to arrive in volume towards the end of the month.

Limes – the USA import pathway has been opened, all going to plan we should see some arrive in a week or two.

Cauliflower Stems – now back in stock!

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