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Product Arrivals

Just Arrived

Earth Gems – AKA Ullucus, now readily available. Season typically runs until the end of September.

Cara Cara Red Navel Oranges – Now in stock, not a blood orange but red/pink fleshed like a grapefruit and sweet like an orange.

Grapes (USA) – Red, green & black all in stock.

Kohlrabi – Snuck back in this morning.

White Table Carrots – A rarer sight than their yellow and purple siblings, limited stock now available.

Hothouse Blueberry –  Limited numbers now available, not cheap but the quality is high.

Coming Soon

Asparagus – Usually arrives early September so still 2-3 weeks away, but keep in mind Spring is on the horizon.

Broad Beans – Early crop due in approx. 2 weeks.

Blood Oranges – Aussie imports hopefully in this week.

Hot Buys

Afourer Mandarin (Australia) – Just $3.95/kg.

Italian Crushed Tomatoes 15kg Bag in Box – $21.50 now only $14.95. Use by  22.08.18. This is great value and freezing would be a way of maximising this opportunity

Vlasic Whole Dill Pickles (1gal) –  $21.95/ea

McClures Spicy Dill Spear Pickles (5gal) –  $45/bucket

Hillside Bacon Streaky – $11.49/kg

Hillside Pork Breakfast Sausages – $11.49/kg

Chicken Breast (Skin on/Bone out) – $8.99/kg

Chicken Tenderloins Carton Frozen (10kg) – $90

Cattleman’s Kansas Classic BBQ Sauce (3.78L) – $29.50/ea

Castaway Heavy-duty wipes (45m) – $21.90/ea

Cling wrap (45cm x 600m) – $24.95/ea

80 litre rubbish bag (x 100) – $19.95/ea

Scallop USA R/Off  10/20 454gm (each) – $23.00/pkt

Acai Pure Pulp Frozen (10x100g) sleeve – $17.95/sleeve

Pecorino Romano 2.3kg – $27.20/kg

Farrah’s Wraps  – 6 inch – $4.45 (12 per pack)

Farrah’s Wraps – 10 inch – $7.99 (12 per pack)

Farrah’s Wraps – 12 inch – $8.69 (12 per pack)

Farrah’s Wholemeal Wraps – 12 inch – $7.99 (12 per pack)

Prices exclude GST and may be subject to change.

End of Season

Cherries (USA) – 1-2 weeks until it’s all over.

Raspberries – Winter crop has now finished, if the weather is good we should see some Spring crop in 2-3 weeks.

Persimmon – 1-2 weeks left and then it’s all over.

Nashi – Last week of the season, imports aren’t far off.

Kalettes – Approximately 2 weeks to go until it’s game over.

Heads Up!

Green Limes – Supply is tight on Pacific Island imports at present but soon USA imports will commence, which will improve the situation. NZ limes remain available as a cheaper option but they are all yellow.

Red Chillies – Price is well up, which is not unusual for this time of year

What’s New

Eco Friendly Packaging

We’re happy to introduce a new packing machine that utilises eco-friendly recyclable netting rather than plastic bags.

The recycling of packaging offers considerable environmental benefits in terms of saving raw materials, energy and water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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