Stop Press 19.07.22

The produce business can be impacted by many factors – like weather, labour shortages and shipment delays.  

It is important that we keep you informed on a weekly basis; sharing with you the important market and industry insights and information on produce availability.

Below is our latest update.


  • Watermelon (AUS)
  • Strawberries (AUS)


  • Baby Spinach (NZ)
  • Broccoli Slender Stems (NZ) 
  • Large Cos Lettuce  (NZ) 
  • Crunchita (NZ)


  • Alfalfa, Sango, and Snowpea Sprouts (NZ) – supply is available but there may be the odd gap but for the most part, it is ok
  • Baby Kale (NZ)– unavailable, substitute with Cavolo Nero or Large Kale.
  • Broccoli Romanesco (NZ)– none available at the moment and there will be a 2-3 week gap due to crop loss. 
  • Choy Sum (NZ) – is in short supply due to seasonality
  • Cucumber Lebanese (NZ)– none available due to seasonality
  • Rocket Flat and Wild (NZ) – continues to be impacted by the heavy rainfall and there is no supply currently
  • Watercress (NZ)– extremely short at the moment
  • White Witloof (NZ) – is in short supply, Red Witloof season is on a break and is expected back in a couple of months


  • Piqaboo Pear (NZ)
  • Persimmon (NZ)
  • Sage (NZ)
  • Vietnamese Mint (NZ)

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