The Lewisham Awards 2018

The Lewisham Awards are hosted by a dedicated committee of industry professionals in cooperation with the Lewisham Foundation, in the city of Auckland. Its primary objective is to promote excellence in the field of hospitality through a competition. Competitions are typically characterised by stress and rivalry, but not here – The best in the business are nominated by their peers, every year, and organisations are not allowed to nominate themselves.

The 2018 Lewisham Awards marked the 16th year that the competition was held, and resulted in a record number of nominees, which were filtered until the top four of given categories remained. On Tuesday the 8th of May 2018, the voting stage commenced. Those actively working in the field of hospitality are allowed to cast their vote and are encouraged to vote in at least 10 categories.

On Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018, voting had stopped and the finalists were contacted and provided with further details.

The produce Company are proud to be the preferred supplier to so many of the winners.

Some of the winners of the 2018 competition include:

  • Amano, as Outstanding Establishment
  • Kokako Café, as Outstanding Café
  • Apero, for their Outstanding Wine List
  • Urban Gourmet, as Outstanding Caterer
  • Che Barrington – GoGo Daddy / Chop Chop / Woodpecker Hill / The Bluebreeze Inn, as Outstanding Chef


A full list of winners can be found here