Metro Top 50 Restaurants

The Produce Company – Proud Supplier of Top Restaurants

Leading up to the annual ‘Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the Year Awards,’ Metro 50 announces its list of ‘Auckland’s Top 50 restaurants for 2018.’ More than one hundred contestants were thoroughly tested over the course of a couple of months to determine the best. Whilst doing so, anonymous judges pay close attention to the finer details of the experience. Points are awarded based on over forty criteria, such as the drinks list, service, ambience, the fit-out, and the way the restaurant suits its location. Ultimately, the question that needs to be answered is: ‘How much do you want to revisit?’

Due to revision of the rules, and greater attention to finer details, it is no guarantee that successful restaurants that made the list last year in 2017, such as Artwok, Ima, Spacca, or Molten would make the list again. In 2018, the winner’s list includes powerhouse restaurants such as: Sidart as Restaurant of the Year 2018, Cotto, Cassia, Hugo’s Bistro, Ponsonby Road Bistro, Cazador, Casita Miro, Apero, among many others.

The Produce Company is proud of the fact that it can contribute to the servings of 80% of the resulting fifty victors, by delivering quality fresh produce at their doorstep. Whether it be excellent luscious pieces of lamb, flavourful fruits, crispy vegetables, savoury sauces, or beckoning beverages to accompany all, The Produce Company is committed to the timely delivery of any and all fresh produce to top caterers in Auckland.