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Rob McPhee
The Produce Company, Director.

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Tamsin Wilson
The Secret Garden, Director.

Auckland’s Premium Foodservice Supplier

We supply restaurants, cafes, bars, caterers and yachts in Auckland and beyond, at wholesale prices.

We stock a number of high quality products. Our seasonal options enable variation in texture, flavour and presentation, and our agility allows us to customise your order.

Our fleet of chilled delivery vehicles deliver your ingredients fresh and ready to use daily.


At The Produce Company, we believe in protecting the environment. Our sustainability will be an ongoing journey which will improve with time and experience. We have introduced policies and practices in order to protect our environment and support our community.

Reducing the amount of plastic in New Zealand landfills is good for our country and good for our industry.

The Produce Company have implemented a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ policy. This includes recycling food waste by donating it or sending to Lowe Walker for rendering into fertiliser, collecting used milk bottles for recycling, recycling cardboard and using biodegradable packaging where possible.

Less Plastic

We have received extensive feedback from our customers stating that you want less plastic used in the packaging of produce orders. We use a special packaging machine which utilises an eco-friendly recyclable green netting. This kind of packaging uses 50% less plastic than regular bags and is 100% recyclable. Less plastic means less environmental impact.

Eco-friendly & Biodegradable Packaging

We also use biodegradable liners for our crates. They’ve been designed to naturally degrade and convert into compost more than 20 times faster than regular plastic. They may look like regular plastic but these are completely biodegraded after 5 years.

Pictured: Anthony & Angela, Curious Croppers.

Food Safety

The Produce Company adhere to strict food safety standards. We’re regularly audited to ensure we continue to provide the quality of service we pride ourselves on. 

We operate an MPI registered customised Food Control Plan(FCP), which sets out the processes and standards that we follow, to ensure any food we supply is safe and of a high quality.

To ensure we maintain our high food safety standards, we perform internal audits and our certification is verified, annually via an MPI audit .

We also operate an MPI Approved Transitional Facility (ATF), for the receiving and unpacking of import containers, while ensuring the biosecurity protocols are maintained. MPI audits our facility annually and internal audits are also undertaken.

We are fully committed to the health and safety of our team and any visitors to our site. Our Health & Safety Committee meets monthly and internal safety audits are performed monthly as well. We have staff that are certified First Aiders and certified Health & Safety Representatives.

James Ahmu
Compliance Officer


The Produce Company supports our community by buying locally where possible and supporting local events and fundraising initiatives. We support local charities, organisations and schools by way of donations, sponsorship and fundraising partnerships.

The Produce Company is a proud supporter of the South Auckland Christian Food Bank. Their goal is to “To relieve poverty by distributing food and other basic supplies to people who are poor, in need, aged, or suffering genuine hardship; and provide relief, by establishing and providing counselling and other programs “.

The Produce Company donate a range of food products on a weekly basis to the Food Bank in an effort to improve the quality of life of families in need.

The Best Produce Delivered Daily

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