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Get to know our dedicated farmers, growers, producers and exclusive partners as we explore their New Zealand farms and produce. Whether it is communicating first-hand information from these talented folks or sharing the stories behind the produce you receive, we make our priority to take you on our food journeys.

The food industry is ever-changing with new produce entering the market and food trends occurring in New Zealand. We are not only passionate about new food discoveries but value the genuine stories behind the people, their dedication and the produce they supply to us. 

Join us as we share our 20 years of industry knowledge and the continual discovery in all things food.


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PCL News

PCL Enter Exclusive Agreement with NewFish.

We are excited to have entered a New Zealand premium foodservice distribution agreement with NewFish. The Produce Company now operates as NewFish’s foodservice distributor for New Zealand’s golden triangle between

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PCL News

Thinking about your menu for Spring?

Make menu planning less stressful with our new seasonality calendar. What vegetables are in season? What fruits are available now?  Do these questions sound familiar? These questions are notably the

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Food for thought

The benefits of cherries

Did you know that as well as being a delicious snack or versatile ingredient, research also suggests increasing your intake of cherries can also help lower the risk of gout

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Meet our Growers

Farm to table Curious Croppers

“We grow using an agroecology approach. Our growing is all about letting nature take its course with as little intervention as possible. We are an inaugural recipient of the “Snail of Approval” award.”

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Food for thought

The double smoked pork belly bacon

Are you ready to try the new bacon? The double smoked pork belly bacon is our new favourite! Introducing from the Colonial Bacon range, The double smoked pork belly. If you are

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Wholesale Food Distributor

New Zealand’s Premium Food Service Supplier

We help Chefs by eliminating the frustration around sourcing quality produce, so you can get back in the kitchen doing what you love.

We stock a number of high quality products. Our seasonal options enable variation in texture, flavour and presentation, and our agility allows us to customise your order.

We supply restaurants, cafes, bars, caterers and yachts at wholesale prices. Our comprehensive range means a single supplier, saving time and paperwork. Our easy-to-use online ordering system is backed by our Customer Services team, available day and night on 0800 PRODUCE.