Plating up a pure New Zealand partnership

When it comes to serving up delectable cuisine, it's all in the art of pairing the perfect ingredients. And here at The Produce Company, we've found a winning recipe in our exciting new partnership with AngusPure beef.

This exquisite, succulent, and tender beef is New Zealand meat at its most pure. Calm and quiet in nature, AngusPure cattle are at ease in their surroundings, roaming the pastures of vast open landscapes for all 12 months of the year, ensuring a rare delicacy of unique origin that is matured gently over time.

The AngusPure story begins with the farmers, guardians of the cattle. Under the watchful eye of impeccable quality control, AngusPure farmers preserve the purity of the beef with no hormone growth promotants, no antibiotics, and run a strictly grass-fed programme.

The animals are guaranteed to be of superior quality Angus, sired by a registered Angus bull and every finely marbled morsel has full traceability from paddock to plate.

Quality in its purest form

At The Produce Company, our commitment to providing the purest, freshest, and most flavoursome produce extends to our range of handcrafted meat from Butcher’s Block, which is why we’re excited to establish our exclusive distribution of AngusPure across New Zealand’s golden triangle – Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Aligned on our commitment to guarantee quality and service, PCL and AngusPure are perfectly partnered to bring New Zealand’s finest 21 day aged AngusPure beef to the plates, platters, and palates of taste-discerning Kiwis.

Pure Quality

At AngusPure, nothing is left to chance. Using only approved distributors, every product can be traced back to the original supplier. Pure quality is achieved through:

  • All products derive from an Angus New Zealand registered or performance-recorded sire
  • AngusPure adheres to the New Zealand Beef & Lamb Quality Mark standards
  • Full traceability throughout the supply chain with AngusPure Source & Trace ear tags
  • No hormone growth promotants, ever
  • No antibiotics
  • Only heifers or steers
  • Strictly grass-fed and finished
  • Processed at an approved plant
  • Low pH levels
  • Aged for a minimum of 21 days


Order AngusPure today

For more information on this unique partnership between PCL and AngusPure or to order your AngusPure beef, contact your PCL account manager.

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