New Community Initiative

Lockdown has been challenging for many of us. Spare a thought for our most vulnerable, where putting food on the table is extremely difficult.

We’ve joined forces with the Tāmaki Regeneration Company to support a new community initiative called KaiAwhi, which is responding to food insecurity in East Auckland. KaiAwhi (Kai meaning Food + Awhi meaning Support) is a community-led solution to kai insecurity that operates with the support from Ruapotaka Marae. The KaiAwhi team are local people, largely volunteers who care passionately about looking after whānau in Tāmaki. Families or neighbours experiencing food insecurity can access a fresh kai box, and support from Ruapotaka Marae.

The KaiAwhi team have moved into space in the Produce Company warehouse, and 100-200 food boxes are picked and packed each week to support whānau in Tāmaki. Together we are sourcing high quality food within the supply chain at no or low cost. We look forward to sharing more about this new initiative in the future.